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AFP: Obama hails anniversary of US abortion ruling

AFP: Obama hails anniversary of US abortion ruling.


Tell me what you think about this & if it makes you angry WHY please!


Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book once I realized what it was about. It could have been completely unbelievable & hokey given the subject, but it was NOT even slightly. It was full of LOVE, amazing characters, life lessons. Everything you expect from Kristin Hannah & more!

Alice’s transformation is one I won’t soon forget. Hannah did such an amazing job with her character development that I have a clear picture of this precious little girl in my mind & felt like I was fighting for her best interest too.

I won’t say any more so as not to give anything plot wise away, but please do yourself a favor & read this book!

PS – I listened to this on audiobook format and it was wonderfully done. Great narrator whom I have actually liked for quite a few books that I have listened to narrated by her! So I would highly rec the audiobook too :)

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