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“GOP Hands”

So, we ventured out to run errands Saturday (one of which was to get new gardening gloves for me). We went to Home Depot & they were having an antique car show in the parking lot, Newt Gingrich’s “tour bus” was there to greet the crowds as well, and they were pumping out the oldies music & doing door prizes, etc.

Not my normal scene, but because we happened upon it & were there we looked around.┬áSome politician who was a former US Senator for the state of New Hampshire came up & started asking if I knew who I was going to vote for in AL’s primaries Tuesday.

A.) Isn’t it odd that he just ASSUMED I was a GOP member? Like it wasn’t even a question IF I was going to vote Republican – it was WHEN you do so WHO will you pick. I found it presumptuous but was tired & hungry & not in the mood to fill him in on the error of his ways so I just said I didn’t know who I was going to vote for yet.

B.) When he shook my hand I was SHOCKED at how SOFT his hands were. I mean, those were the softest hands I’ve ever felt I do believe! It was literally the first thing I thought & then decided I’d guess it was fitting that he’d never have worked a “hard day” in his life. I decided to call them “GOP Hands” & that it said more than words could ever explain just how great the class divide really IS.

Interesting, no?


Even though I have Lupus, I still NEED to be NEEDed… but I also NEED you too!

SO this is a post I have been putting off for a while. See, the way my brain works (especially since I “got sick” & was diagnosed with Lupus) I just have to flip things over & over in my brain until they gel just right before I’m ready to say anything. Sometimes it takes longer than other times. This is one of those times it’s taken me quite a while.

And not just because it’s something that required a lot of deep thinking exactly, but sometimes things like weekly chemo injections, the death of my Grandmother during the holiday season (whom I was as close as I am with my mother), then on top of it all one of my closest friends being diagnosed with an inoperable tumor growing into her heart & lungs & her throwing blood clots in BOTH is what finally got her diagnosed properly… you know – TOUGH things to go through.

Each of those things in and of itself is hard to deal with. You pile them all on top of the other things I deal with health wise on a daily basis & you just have OVERLOAD. There are other things that didn’t exactly make things easier by any means, but for the purpose of this blog I will stick to just the aforementioned for now. It’s plenty to deal with, I would say. And Lord knows how I ramble once I get going ;)

People talk about having writer’s block, well that would have been welcome in comparison. I mean obviously I had that too or you would have heard from me on here sooner… but it was more like BRAIN FREEZE. And I know that it’s the way the body protects us when we’ve just got TOO much on our plates, so now a few months later I’m here. And ready to start sifting through it all.

Mmmmhmmm. Yup.

Luckily I’ll have some FUN distractions coming my way this month & next. My best childhood friend is getting married & I am one of the bridesmaids. We’ve got a shower, the bachelorette weekend, and then the wedding to look forward to. If I am up to it health wise & receive my “You Have Lupus But Can Now Have Fun” card for passing GO at my Lupus specialist’s office in Atlanta next week, I may even spend the last week or so in Mississippi with Emily (the beautiful bride) and my family. Yes, I grew up in Mississippi. No, I am NOT a Bible thumping member of the GOP. Any more questions?

My friend with the tumor I was speaking of checks in for the sixth round of treatments tomorrow. HIGH dose chemo IV plus the same type chemo I’m on weekly put into her spine for good measure :( OUCH, poor baby! I had to have a few spinal tap & epidurals in my day as a patient & I absolutely HATE that part for her. Did I say OUCH? After her second round her hair started coming out in clumps all in one fell swoop. I had already let her know that I had clippers & was a trained professional (true but meant as humor – I am a cosmetologist as one of the “things I can do”)… and if/when should she need my help buzzing it all off not to hesitate to call me. When I found out the dosage she was getting I knew it would be sooner than later & went right over even though it was 9pm the night of my own chemo treatment & my shoulder had been giving me fits. Of course the first thought was, SHE NEEDS ME! I WILL BE RIGHT THERE!

I never really thought about how me going through losing my hair as a cosmetologist would end up being helpful to others. Honestly, I thought it all quite horrific, cruel & unusual & had wondered just why ANYONE ever should have to go through chemo & then lose all their hair too? Add insult to injury much? But yanno, I’d go through it all over again if it meant I’d still be able to be there for my friend in her time of need.

Going through worrying about her, checking up on her, her withdrawal/hesitance socially that is unfortunately eminent… well, it’s all just really made me stop & think about a LOT of things. The main one being how the people I thought were my closest friends acting the way they did. And there is NO right way to act when your friend gets sick, but there IS a wrong way. And I wanted to be certain I didn’t ever do any of those things to her. I wanted to be her ROCK that she could depend on, so I didn’t give up on her. And I never will, either. I will KEEP inviting her to everything until she’s up to coming again. I won’t be selfish & turn her illness into imagined problems. I will come when called upon, even if I’m not feeling great myself – as I know how much she NEEDS me. I know how much it all can hurt & how people can give up on you long before you’re “better” or can do things they want you to do or that benefit them.

Life is hard, and man do I know that you ALL know this. Regardless of if you’ve been on chemo in your life or never get diagnosed with a serious illness (as I hope you never will be) – life is just TOUGH. So my point is this…

DON’T JUDGE WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! And I will just keep on being the best friend that I can be to those people in my life that I can do so for <3 And I am thankful for those of you who have never given up on me. Thank you <3

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