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Real Life vs Facebook…

You know, sometimes I wish real life was more like Facebook. Not in the “I wish there were more pictures of the whole family dressed in white sitting on the beach” or “it’s fun to pretend I have a farm” kind of way, either. What I mean is that you can deal with people on there in ways that would be SO nice to be able to do in real everyday life at times.

For example:

1.) You can put them on “limited profile”. Which works for most people in my experience and it’s only if they are really TRYING to push your buttons that further steps are required.

2.) But for those times when that doesn’t work and they are STILL being an asshat, you can just push “ignore” so you don’t have to see their updates on your newsfeed. Ooooo, just IMAGINE for a minute if you could really do this. It would be so awesome that right in the middle of some extreme right wing rhetoric spouting you could just push “IGNORE” and the person would no longer show up!! That was just an example. Down Republican extremists, down ;)

3.) You can “delete” them if they still continue to annoy you. But beware of this option as I said above because if this person is truly just being mean spirited and out for blood, they will realize you “deleted” them when they can no longer publicly humiliate you on YOUR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE and POSTS! They will then send you a “message”… so if this step is necessary I DO suggest the next step as well.

4.) “BLOCK” them, which it seems is the ultimate of FB insults. Because now the troll has to take the time to harass you OUTSIDE of Facebook! What a hassle you have just created for them. Shame on you!

Now remember – Facebook isn’t real life. So as soon as you DO block someone you sure as hell better have blocked them from your email & phone too if you really don’t want to hear from them anymore. Because in my experience, once you “BLOCK” them you better believe you’re going to hear from someone who hasn’t talked to you outside of Facebook in AGES by text or email.

If they have the guts to CALL you and not just continue to hide behind their computer screen, I suggest you do answer their call if you have any hope for reconciliation. Maybe they actually want to clear the air without typing involved. And if they take the time to CALL, they DO care. Regardless of if they want to admit they do or not.


People are SO weird. So, so, so very strange indeed. So do what you’ve gotta do to keep the “haters” out of your life while still remembering that it’s much easier said than done to “ignore”, “limit”, “delete”, or “block” someone. Much, much easier said than done. Take it from me.

But if someone is really and truly harassing you and overstepping, there’s absolutely NO reason to put up with it. “Bullying” can happen at any age unfortunately as I’ve come to realize, and it can happen when no provocation has happened. I wish people “grew out” of being jerks, but once a jerk always a jerk. Just ask my ex-boyfriends’ wives. Hahaha!

<3 HopeBetweenTheDreams

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