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Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty (Ohhhh Yeahhhhh)

There’s something so SEXY about this song to me. It takes me back to high school, driving around listening to this album while we fled from one parking area to the next to outsmart the cops every weekend. Ahhh, yes – those were the days ;)

Shortly before Chris’s birthday I found out he’d never heard this album or STP. *HUH???* So I turned his birthday into a “musical birthday” & introduced him to this album & the newest album “Lover Boy” by the amazing and talented Brett Dennen & a “Time Life’s Bluegrass Treasury” I found in the discount bin for a dollar at Hastings (my favorite local provider of music, movies, books, random things you never knew you wanted but had to have). Who else remembers Time Life’s awesome CD twin-packs???


It was one of the gifts I’m most proud of ever having given simply because I shared things I loved most with the guy I love most ♥ And what’s not to love about that?

I know nobody buys CD’s anymore & I am totally “old school”. So sue me. I like to be able to TOUCH my music and OWN it. Yeah, I still burn it to my wireless laptop & hard drive the second I listen to it, but there’s something so gratifying about being able to hold your music that takes me WAY back :)

But that’s a whole other topic in itself, so goodnight. I must bid you adieu & head to bed…

<3 HopeBetweenTheDreams

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