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Deep Thoughts by Hope Between The Dreams

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the things I feel pulled to fight for in this crazy world of ours. I am a born peace keeper, but fighting is now second nature to me after all I’ve been through.

You gotta keep your mind sharp & your heart straight & just trust them not to lead you astray. I think that’s the best we can do ♥



Hope Between The Dreams…

So I wanted to explain what Hope Between The Dreams means to me personally since I have chosen it for my new blog’s name…

Firstly, it is a line from the Jack Johnson song “All At Once” :

“There’s a world we’ve never seen
There’s still hope between the dreams
The weight of it all
Could blow away with a breeze
If you’re waiting on the wind
Don’t forget to breathe
Cause as the darkness gets deeper
We’ll be sinkin as we reach for love.”

Not only am I a HUGE Jack Johnson fan, I am now also a lifetime member of his organization All At Once whose motto is “An Individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.” Not only have I gotten to volunteer at two life-changing concerts and meet him in person before both said concerts, more importantly I got to become a member of this amazing cause. How many musicians do you know who donate their ENTIRE tour profits to charity? It’s simply unheard of, so let me say it again. 100% of his To The Sea tour profits were donated to charity!

Jack believes in everything good and true that makes this world a better place. He values people and our environment more than fancy cars, hotels, private jets and the things regular celebrities do. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider him a celebrity, just because he is SO not even close to part of that crowd and is the opposite of everything that word encompasses. Instead, he joins his fans in cleaning up coastlines all across the world while on tour. He sponsors music lessons for underprivileged children. He uses all bio-diesel on his tour buses and supports local farmers and the Farm to Table movement.

The Village Green is AAO‘s pet project and different local non-profits set up booths under the brightly colored tents to both bring in new volunteers and to help raise funds for the groups too. Jack matches every dollar donated to the non-profits and before the gates open he takes the time out to walk around to every single booth and check them out and meet the dedicated volunteers who run them. So yes, he’s just GOOD PEOPLE :) And everything he stands for aligns with my own beliefs. I honestly wish he’d run for President, that’s how much I believe in this man <3 He also takes the time to shake hands with and meet every single All At Once volunteer at every single show once the Village Green is all set up and he gets a picture taken with us too. And in 2010, he actually remembered me from volunteering at his 2008 tour. I was on cloud nine!

But beside the root of my blog’s name and working with All At Once, Jack’s songs have brought so much joy and peace into my life for over a decade now and my life is ever so much more rich for every single one of those songs. The line “hope between the dreams” stuck with me over the years though. So much so that I have slowly but surely kind of adopted it, so to speak. My Facebook carries that name, as does my YouTube account and Twitter account too. They were all opened over the past few years without any solid sort of plan for bringing it all together some day, but that was the general idea. I just wasn’t sure how I’d do that.

But now I have found you, WordPress and you’ve helped me streamline my Hope Between The Dreams <3


PS – And just so as I am clear, I am NOT just some JJ groupie. Well, okay – maybe I am – but not in the traditional way. We are both happily married to very cool people we love very much. I just respect Jack and am thankful for the joy and unforgettable experiences he’s brought into my life is all <3

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