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“GOP Hands”

So, we ventured out to run errands Saturday (one of which was to get new gardening gloves for me). We went to Home Depot & they were having an antique car show in the parking lot, Newt Gingrich’s “tour bus” was there to greet the crowds as well, and they were pumping out the oldies music & doing door prizes, etc.

Not my normal scene, but because we happened upon it & were there we looked around. Some politician who was a former US Senator for the state of New Hampshire came up & started asking if I knew who I was going to vote for in AL’s primaries Tuesday.

A.) Isn’t it odd that he just ASSUMED I was a GOP member? Like it wasn’t even a question IF I was going to vote Republican – it was WHEN you do so WHO will you pick. I found it presumptuous but was tired & hungry & not in the mood to fill him in on the error of his ways so I just said I didn’t know who I was going to vote for yet.

B.) When he shook my hand I was SHOCKED at how SOFT his hands were. I mean, those were the softest hands I’ve ever felt I do believe! It was literally the first thing I thought & then decided I’d guess it was fitting that he’d never have worked a “hard day” in his life. I decided to call them “GOP Hands” & that it said more than words could ever explain just how great the class divide really IS.

Interesting, no?


Deep Thoughts by Hope Between The Dreams

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the things I feel pulled to fight for in this crazy world of ours. I am a born peace keeper, but fighting is now second nature to me after all I’ve been through.

You gotta keep your mind sharp & your heart straight & just trust them not to lead you astray. I think that’s the best we can do ♥


AFP: Obama hails anniversary of US abortion ruling

AFP: Obama hails anniversary of US abortion ruling.


Tell me what you think about this & if it makes you angry WHY please!

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